Auto One

convertible top replacementWhen it’s time to repair your car because of upholstery tears, worn out cushions or damage to dashboards and door panels, replacement of these parts can be expensive. At Auto One we can repair most plastics, vinyl, leather and cloth. If it’s that annoying ding, dent or scratch on the fender, traditional body shop methods can be time consuming and expensive. Auto One can save you time and money with their paintless dent repair process and scratch and chip repair services.

Whether it’s your favorite car or a good used car, Auto One is all about refining the interior and exterior so it looks great for years to come. Leather restoration and dying, seat repair and convertible top replacement are all available services. Scratches, dings and dents will all be a distant memory when you revitalize your car at Auto One.

Perhaps you just got a great deal on a new car right off the lot but it doesn’t have quite all the features you want like heated seats or the interior that fits your personality. Auto One is the only place around to get all the work your car needs from dent and upholstery work to full detailing and paint touch-up. Most work can be done in just one day. You deserve to have exactly the car you want with the right interior and features. Get all of that in just one place, Auto One.