Auto One is a full service Automotive Refinement Center. We work on both interior and exteriors from small damages to a complete overhaul.

Our services include:

Paintless Dent Repair


Paintless Dent Repair

Paintless Dent Repair

At Auto One, we can quickly repair most dents and dings without having to repaint your car. For minor body creases, door dents, hail damage and small bumper dents, we use techniques that will repair the damaged area and return it to its dent free condition. If you have chips, scratches, or road blast damage to the hood, our experts will color match your paint and fill these areas, leaving your car looking great.

Upholstery Repair and Refurbishing

Repair Interior Door Panels Quickly and Easily

Faded or worn leather seats and stained and ripped cloth seats can be expertly refurbished at Auto One. Enhance the appearance of your car’s interior and increase the overall value of your auto by replacing, repairing and refining the interior whether it’s cloth, leather or vinyl. Buying fabric shields can’t protect your upholstery from real damage. Door panels and consoles will crack and fade over time. Restoring those features in your auto is another service that will add years and value to your car.

Automotive Leather Installation

After replace cloth with leather

Before original cloth seat covers

Driving a great looking car with a luxurious interior can just make you feel great. If you have old and cracked leather seats, just bought a new or used car with cloth seats or want to upgrade the look of your auto, we can install leather upholstery in your vehicle. The feel, look and smell of a premium leather interior is now within your budget. At Auto One, we can install everything from full leather upholstery to leather accents in a variety of colors, textures and styles.

Automotive Leather Restoration and Dying

Leather after dying

Leather before dying

If you don’t need a full leather replacement, leather restoration and dying is the way to go. Over time, your leather interior fades, cracks and just gets damaged from normal wear and tear. We can repair the damage and re-dye the area which removes the flaws and protects the leather. For larger jobs, we use money saving repair techniques that can make your interior look brand new, bringing a new look and value to your auto.

Fine Detailing

Winterize detail

Scratch and chip repair

From new to old cars, classic to exotic, Auto One can take care of any fine detailing need. Have our experts clean your car’s interior including carpets, seats, shampooing carpets and upholstery, dashboard detailing, door jambs and more. We also specialize in odor problems stemming from cigarette smoke, pets, or chemical spills. We can restore cloudy and yellowed headlights and repair windshield chips.

Automotive Seat Heater Installation

Add heat to seats

Leather restoration and add heat

New England winters can be harsh. Getting into your car on a frosty January morning is a prospect few look forward to but when you have automotive seat heaters, you can get your car seats warmed up for that long ride to the slopes or just to work. Many cars right off the dealer lot aren’t equipped with this great feature but Auto One can install your seat heater quickly so you’ll be on your way in comfort.

Convertible Top Replacement

Replace convertible top Ford Mustang

Replace convertible top on Toyota Solara

Is your convertible top discolored, worn out and leaky? See us for all your convertible top replacement needs. We also repair leaky glass or plastic windows.